Lingam massage sverige umeå massage

lingam massage sverige umeå massage

own heart the more youll give him permission to feel his. And last but not least this: I found it powerful yet subtle. To help take his pleasure up to his heart, run your hand from his lingam up his belly to his heart. This gives his mind a concrete sensation to focus. In our work, we see that men DO feel, deeply and powerfully, in a way that is more of an internal experience rather than an external expression (anger and sex are the two exceptions here). Another mentioned finding a place of spaciousness, a timeless experience of my authentic power that lies beyond the mind. Young boys feel just as much as girls until they grow up conditioned by society to toughen up, not be a pussy or worst of all to man up! Be open to whatever happens. Include the whole area- his lingam, inner thighs, pubic area, balls, ball sack, and his perineum (the area between his balls and his anus). Spend about an hour here. This practice is the beginning of a man experiencing full bodied pleasure, lasting longer, non ejaculatory orgasms and multiple orgasms so its worth doing regularly and his experience will be different each time. Take your time, relax into the moment rather than seek any particular outcome. Getting him used to feeling will increase your mans desire to take his time in lovemaking, to trust opening his heart and to trust you in the process- serious gifts for any relationship! (You can rest your legs along either side of his chest). This is called surfing the edge and will bring his arousal down enough for you to keep playing. Keep one hand stroking his lingam (or keep coming back to it) to keep his attention focussed.


H-a - Education penis massage (4-7-2017).

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